British Literature I

Fall 1997

It is in your best interests to read the material before the class in which it is discussed. It will mean a lot more to you and you will learn more if you are actively involved (either mentally or verbally) than if you are always playing catch-up. "Catch-up" students often do work that is a grade or more lower than they are capable of--but it's your life.

N.B.: I may from time to time get behind this schedule in my lectures. You, however, are responsible for having the material prepared on the dates given below (I may catch up very quickly).

Week 1 (beginning 25 August):

N.B.: Read the background (xeroxed) material before you tackle each author or period.

Week 2 (beginning 1 September):

Week 3 (beginning 8 September): Week 4 (beginning 15 September):
Week 5 (beginning 22 September):
Week 6 (beginning 29 September):
Week 7 (beginning 7 October):
Week 8 (beginning 14 October):
Week 9 (beginning 20 October):
Week 10 (beginning 27 October):
Week 11 (beginning 3 November):
Week 12 (beginning 10 November):
Week 13 (beginning 17 November):
Week 14 (beginning 24 November):
Week 15 (beginning 1 December):

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