British Literature I

M. Arn
Bakeless 113
Spring 1998
Phone: x4428 (office); 389-8175 (home)
e-mail: marn@planetx

Lyrics and short excerpts from prose texts, which will be dealt with incidentally, will be provided on handouts as the course progresses. They will include work by Skelton, Wyatt, Surrey, Queen Elizabeth, Burton, Hall, Herrick, Hyde, Marvell, and others.

Week 1 (beginning 12 January):

Note: the introductions (in your texts and in the handouts) are always part of the reading assignment.
N.B.: I may from time to time get behind this schedule in my lectures. You, however, are responsible for having the material prepared on the dates given below (I may catch up very quickly).

Week 2 (beginning 19 January):

Week 3 (beginning 26 January):

Week 4 (beginning 2 February):

Week 5 (beginning 9 February):

Week 6 (beginning 16 February):

Week 7 (beginning 23 February):

Week 8 (beginning 2 March):


Week 9 (beginning 16 March):

Week 10 (beginning 23 March):

Week 11 (beginning 30 March):

Week 12 (beginning 6 April):

Week 13 (beginning 13 April):

Week 14 (beginning 20 April):

Week 15 (beginning May):

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