European Literature I

Fall 1993

Required materials:

Course requirements:

You will be expected to attend all classes, to bring your textbook with you, and to have read the assignment before the material is discussed in class. Any student missing more than two classes will have his or her grade reduced one unit per class missed (i.e., from A- to B+). I expect to hear about impending absences before they occur. Contact me by phone or in person (written notes involve delay and are therefore not not a good form of communication). In the event that you miss a class, you remain responsible for the reading, any announcements or handouts, and the material covered in that class, and you are expected to be prepared for the following class. Absence will be no excuse for not knowing class material, written or oral (note the 10% participation component below).

No eating or drinking in class, please.

In addition to a mid-term and a final, two papers are required. The first will be 1500 words (about five to six typed pages, depending on how many words you get on a page), the second, 2500 words (about nine to ten pages). Papers that do not satisfy these word-length requirements as well as those that are not handed in by the due date will automatically receive lower grades. (If you have never counted words, start this semester.) Expect unannounced quizzes on introductory material in the anthology.

Office hours: Monday and Wednesday: 3:00 to 5:00; Friday: 3:00 to 4:00. If you cannot come at these times, see me this week to arrange an alternate time. You are strongly encouraged and advised to stop by with questions, no matter how minor they may seem to you. My home phone number is 389-8175 (please no calls after 10:30 P.M.).

Your final grade will be made up of:

Week 1 (beginning 30 August):

Week 2 (beginning 6 September):

Week 3 (beginning 13 September):

Week 4 (beginning 20 September):

Week 5 (beginning 27 September):

Week 6 (beginning 4 October):
Shall we organize a review session?

Week 7 (beginning 11 October):

Week 8 (beginning 18 October):

Week 9 (beginning 25 October):

Week 10 (beginning 1 November):

Week 11 (beginning 8 November):

Week 12 (beginning 15 November):

Week 13 (beginning 22 November):

Week 14 (beginning 29 November):

Week 15 (beginning 6 December):

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