European Literature I

Dr. Arn
Spring 1997
Bakeless 113 (x4428)

Office hours:

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Required materials (paperbacks):

Note: If you are taking this course for writing credit, you must also purchase a copy of the MLA Handbook. In all cases, you must use the text ordered for the course and not some other text or translation.

Course requirements:

Papers: In addition to a mid-term and a final, you will write two papers. The first will be 1500 words (generally about five to six typed pages, depending on how many words you get on a page, but it is the word count that matters); the sec ond, 2000 words. Papers that do not satisfy these word-length requirements as well as those that are not handed in by the due date will automatically receive significantly lower grades.

How to contact me: If my office hours conflict with your class hours, see me this week to arrange an alternate time. You are strongly encouraged and advised to stop by (room 113) with questions, no matter how trivial they may seem to you--or just stop in to talk. My office phone number is 4428; my home phone number is 389-8175 (please no calls after 10:00 P.M.). My e-mail address is marn@planetx.

Grade components: your final grade will be made up of:

N.B.: Participation consists of more than simply speaking up in class. It involves involvement in every aspect of the course (coming to class on time and prepared, completing/handing in all assignments, showing up for appointments (on time), etc., et c.)

Other requirements: You will be expected to attend class, to bring your textbook(s) with you, and to have read the assignment before the material is discussed in class. I reserve the right to administer unannounced quizzes if it becomes evident that a significant number of students are not keeping up with the reading.

I expect to hear about impending absences before they occur. Contact me by phone or in person (written notes involve delay and are therefore not not a good form of communication). In the event that you miss a class, you remain responsible for the reading, any announcements or handouts, and the material covered in that class, and you are expected to be prepared for the following class. Absence will be no excuse for not knowing class material, written or oral (note the 10% participation component).

No eating or drinking in class, please.

Grading Criteria:

Work that can be evaluated mathematically will be graded on the following scale:

Work that must be evaluated subjectively will be graded subjectively:

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