Welcome to the house of Ken the Vintner and his wife Marie Johanna. The year is 1419, the day of St. Gertrude the Virgin (15 November), in the reign of Henry IV; the place is the town of Norwich, East Anglia, a thriving commercial center. The occasion is a celebration with his fellow guildsmen and their wives (as well as some widows of the deceased) of the knighting of the vintner (now Sir Ken) for his service to the King, especially his provision of good hock from the Rhine for the king's table, as well as his valiant service at the great English victory over the French at Agincourt four years earlier. The couple, with the help of other guildsmen's wives, have done their best to provide a variety of the tastiest foods on this festive occasion.


	Roo broth			Fish a dauce egre
	(venison stew)				(sweet and sour)

	Fenkel                      	Funges and leke
	(fennel with powdour		 (leeks and mushrooms)
	douce or mild spices)

		*	*	*	*	*	*


		+	+	+	+	+	+	

Pynade (similar to Pokerounce, chicken in honey and spices)

	Aquapatys			Apple muse
	(garlic with powdour		(applesauce with almond 	
	fort or strong spices)		milk, breadcrumbs, and saffron)
		#	#	#	#	#	#

	Crustade pye 			Peeres in Confyt
	(Custard pie with saffron)		(pears in wine and sandalwood)

	Paine corte			Swete metes
	(shortbread)  		 		(nuts and spices)

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