Medieval Food and Drink, ed. M. Arn.

Proceedings of the ACTA Conference held at Binghamton University in 1994. (ACTA 21, CEMERS, 1995).


"Mixing It Up in the Medieval Kitchen," Terence Scully, Wilfred Laurier University

"'And thus you have a lordly dish': Fancy and Showpiece Cookery in an Augsburg Patrician Kitchen," Marianne Hansen, Cornell University

"'De poil ou de plumes': The Taste of Game in Medieval French Treatises of Hunting," Nadine Bordessoule, University of Southwestern Louisiana

"Cretoyne, Cretonnée: Two Versions of a Fourteenth-Century Court Recipe," Barbara L. Evans, Madison County Historical Society

"Martino and His De re coquinaria," Mary Ella Milham, University of New Brunswick

"The Progeny of Apicius: Antiquarian Responses to Historical Cookery," George R. Keiser, University of Kansas

"Food for Thought: The Banquet of Poetry in Dante and Charles of Orleans," Diane Marks, Brooklyn College

"Eating and Drinking in the Bayeux Tapestry," Rouben Cholakian, Hamilton College

"Apples Beyond the Pale: The Irish "Costermonger in the English Garden of Eden," Jonathan Gil Harris, Ithaca College

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