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I am currently working on explanatory notes to accompany the new edition of the works of Geoffrey Chaucer, edited by Chris Cannon and James Simpson and published by Oxford University Press.

Together with R. D. Perry, I am editing a volume of essays on the English poetry of Charles d'Orléans, tentatively entitled Charles d'Orléans's English Aesthetic, to be published by Boydell and Brewer. We have assembled an outstanding group of scholars from Britain and America whose interests range widely across disciplinary boundaries and are drawn from various age cohorts, including what may be the very last piece of work from the pen of Prof. J. A.Burrow. This is a book about how we account for the excellence of the poetry of Charles d'Orléans (and incidentally about what the quality of his work has largely gone unrecognized).


Oxford Bibliographies Online project: Charles d'Orléans, with Jane H. M. Taylor. This is a fully annotated bibliography of the life and work of Charles d'Orléans, including the most important scholarly work on his French poetry, English poetry, history, family, manuscripts, afterlife, art and music, etc. under Medieval Studies.


Poetry of Charles d'Orléans: A Critical Edition of BnF MS. f. fr. 25458. Charles d'Orléans's Personal Manuscript, ed. with John Fox, trans. R. Barton Palmer, with an excursus on literary context by Stephanie A. V. G. Kamath. (Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies, 383; Arizona Studies in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, 34.) Tempe, Ariz.: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and Turnhout: Brepols, 2010.

Like my edition of Charles d'Orléans's English poetry, this book has received the emblem of the Committee on Scholarly Editions of the Modern Language Association and been designated "An Approved Edition," which indicates that the volume is edited according to the highest standards of current editorial practice.

Reviews: French Studies 67 (2013), 87-88, by Adrian Armstrong; Le Moyen Français 70 (2012), 167–70, by Olivier Delsaux; The Medieval Review 12.03.07 (2012), by Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski; Renaissance Quarterly 65 (2012), 250–52, by Katherine Kong; Anglia 129 (2012), 500–504, by Rory Critten; Cahiers de recherches médiévales et humanistes/Journal of Medieval and Humanistic Studies (2010), by Estelle Doudet []


The Poet's Notebook: The Manuscript of Charles d'Orleans's Lyric Poetry (Paris, BnF MS fr. 25458). (Texts and Transitions, 3.) Turnhout: Brepols, 2008.

A codicological description and analysis of Charles's partially autograph manuscript of his poetry and those of his circle. It is designed to shed light on the order in which the collection of lyric poems was written and the implications of that order for a future edition.

Here is the table of contents. Reviews: Speculum (2010), 632–33, by Emma Cayley; Medium Ævum 79 (2010), 148–49, by Helen Swift; Renaissance Quarterly, 62 (2009), 876–77, by Jane H. M. Taylor; Parergon, 27 (2010), 183–84, by Stephanie Downes; Philological Quarterly, 88 (2009), 337–40, by Karen Casebier; The Medieval Review, 09.09.14 (2009), by Adrian Armstrong (


James I and Other Prison Poets, ed. with Linne Mooney. Kalamazoo, Mich.: Medieval Institute Publications, for TEAMS, 2005.

Here is the e-book. Review: The Medieval Review, by Katie Stevenson (TMR ID: 06.10.14).


Charles d'Orleans in England, 1415–1440. Woodbridge, Suff., and Rochester, N.Y.: D. S. Brewer, 2000.

Here is the table of contents. Reviews: Journal of English and Germanic Philology (JEGP),* 103.3 (2004), 395–98, by Karen Fresco; Revue belge de philologie et d'histoire, fasc. 4: Histoire medievale, modern et contemporaine, 82 (2004), 1081–86; Etudes anglaises, 56 (2003), 343–44, by Carole Bauguion; Les lettres romanes, 57 (2003), 156–60; Translation and Literature,* 11.1 (2002), 98–103, by Anne Lake Prescott; The Medieval Review, by Joel Rosenthal; Studi francesi, 137 (2002), 421–23, by Gianni Mombello; Scriptorium, 56.1 (2002), 10*, by Cl. Thiry; Medium AEvum,* 71.1 (2002) 114–15, by Jane H. M. Taylor; English Historical Review, by Malcolm Vale; French Studies, 56 (2002), 83–84, by Kenneth Varty; Journal of the Early Book Society, by (2002), 181–82, Francoise Le Saux; Romania, 120 (2002), 558–60, by Marie-Helene Tesniere; Renaissance Quarterly,* liv, no. 4.2, (2001), 1609–12, by Roger Kuin; Revue des Langues Romanes, 105 (2001), 323–25, by Ad Putter; Studi medievali, 42 (2001), 11, by Albrecht Classen; Encomia, 22/23 (2000–2001), 12–13.

In addition to these, Scriptorium 56 (2002) contains reviews of some individual articles listed alphabetically in the "Bulletin codicologique" section (nos. 17, 21, 27, 66, 71, and 249).

*Reviewed together with A. E. B. Coldiron, Canon, Period, and the Poetry of Charles of Orleans: Found in Translation (Univ. of Michigan Press, 2000). The Neil Ker Memorial Fund kindly underwrote most of the cost of the photographic reproduction of the color frontispiece, with William Askins generously donating the rest in memory of his father.


Fortunes Stabilnes: Charles of Orleans's English Book of Love. (Binghamton, NY: Medieval & Renaissance Texts and Studies, 1995; 624 pp.).

This book has received the emblem of the Committee on Scholarly Editions of the Modern Language Association and been designated "An Approved Edition," which indicates that the volume is edited according to the highest standards of current editorial practice.

Reviews: Speculum, 74 (1999), 397, by John M. Fyler; Scriptorium, Bulletin Codicologique (1998), 27*–28*, by P. Uhl; Journal of the Early Book Society, 1 (1998), 158–61, by Helen Phillips; Studies in the Age of Chaucer, 19 (1997), 211–13 by Michael G. Hanley; Medium AEvum, 65 (1996), 319–20, by Julia Boffey; Mediaevistik, 9 (1996), 453–54, by Albrecht Classen; Manuscripta, 38 (1994), 268–69 [a brief note]; Year's Work in English Studies, 75 (1994), 157 [a brief note].


Medieval Food and Drink, Acta 21 (Binghamton, NY: Center for Medieval and Early Renaissance Studies, 1995). This is the proceedings of the Acta conference I organized on Food and Drink in the Middle Ages and Early Renaissance, held at Binghamton, New York, in April of 1994. (26 pp. illust.) Table of Contents, Preface.

Reviews: The Journal of the Early Book Society, 1 (1998), 154; Research Libraries Notes, 6 (1994), 9–10, by Alison Ryley.


Historical & Editorial Studies in Medieval & Early Modern English for Johan Gerritsen, edited with Hanneke Wirtjes (Groningen: Wolters-Noordhoff, 1985).

Here is the table of contents. Review: English Studies, 67 (1986), 83–86, by J. G. Riewald.


Review of A. C. Spearing, Medieval Autographies: The "I" of the Text. Conway Lectures in Medieval Studies 2008. (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 2012) in The Medieval Review (TMR 14.11.03), 18 November 2014.

"Manuscrit français, manuscrit anglais: De la ductilité du propos poétique," pp. 19–41, in Lectures de Charles d'Orléans: Les Ballades, ed. Denis Hüe. (Collection "Didact Français.") Rennes: Presses universitaires de Rennes, 2010. Here are the opening pages.

"A Need for Books: Charles d'Orléans and His Travelling Libraries in England and France," Journal of the Early Book Society, 12 (2009), 77–98.

"Charles d'Orleans," Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford: University of Oxford, 2005 ( The editors of the DNB decided to extend its coverage to figures born elsewhere who played a significant part in English history and culture, and I was pleased to have a hand in the duke's inclusion.

"Thomas Chaucer and William Paston Take Care of Business: HLS Deeds 349," Studies in the Age of Chaucer, 24 (2002), 237–67.

"Two Manuscripts, One Mind: Charles d'Orleans and the Production of Manuscripts in Two Languages (Paris, BN MS fr. 25458 and London, BL MS Harley 682)," pp. 61–78, in Charles d'Orleans in England, 1415–1440 (see under Book-length works above).

"A 'Lost' Poem by Charles de Nevers Recorded by Charles d'Orleans," Notes and Queries, 244, n.s. 46 (1999), 185–86.

Review of Elizabeth Gonzalez, Un Prince en son Hôtel: Les serviteurs des ducs d'Orléans au XVe siècle (Histoire Ancienne et Médiévale, 74. Paris: Publications de la Sorbonne, 2004) in Speculum 82 (2007), 441–42.

"On Punctuating Medieval Literary Texts," TEXT: Transactions of the Society for Textual Scholarship, 7 (1995), 161–74.

"Charles of Orleans: Translator?" in The Medieval Translator, ed. Roger Ellis and Ruth Evans, vol. 4 (University of Exeter Press, 1994), 125–35.

"Charles of Orleans and the Poems of BL MS, Harley 682," English Studies, 74 (1993), 222–35.

"The Bute Manuscript of The Privity of the Passion (Yale University, Beinecke MS 660)," Manuscripta, 34 (1990), 177–89.

"The Emendation of Wine: Wine Recipes from Beinecke MS 163 ('The Wagstaff Miscellany')," The Yale University Library Gazette, 64 (1990), 109–23. Click here for full text.

"Poetic Form as a Mirror of Meaning in the English Poems of Charles of Orleans," Philological Quarterly, 69 (1990), 13–29.

"Jean de Meun," "Geert Groote, "The Kingis Quair," and "Walter Map," in The Dictionary of the Middle Ages, 1985–87.

"The Systematic Representation of Early Manuscripts in Computer Form: A Proposal," in Historical & Editorial Studies, pp. 209–19, see under Books above.

"A Little-Known Fragment of a Dutch Abraham-and-Sarah Play," Comparative Drama, 17 (1983–84), 318–26.Reprinted in the volume Drama in the Middle Ages (Clifford Davidson and John H. Stroupe, eds., Second Series, AMS Press, 1991), a collection of the best articles of the 1980s to appear in Comparative Drama.

"Fortunes Stabilnes: The English Poems of Charles of Orleans in their English Context," Fifteenth-Century Studies, 7 (1983), 1–18.

"The Triumph of Grace in Dobest," English Studies, 63 (1982), 506–16.

"The Structure of Charles of OrleansÂ’ English Poetry," Fifteenth-Century Studies, 4 (1981), 17–23.

"Langland's Characterization of Will in the B-text," Dutch Quarterly Review, 11 (1981), 287–301.

"Three Ovidian Women in ChaucerÂ’s Troilus: Medea, Helen, Oenone," Chaucer Review, 15 (1980), 1–10.

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