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The Chateau de Blois, on the Loire, was the duke's favorite residence. It's easy to understand why the nobility of France in the late Middle Ages chose to build their castles along the beautiful river Loire.

Images (supposed) of Charles d'Orleans

Fictional representations of the duke

A selection of lyrics in modern French

. . . and a few more . . . and more . . .  and yet more . . .

Here's a little exercise in translation, and another.

Charles was fond of chess, backgammon (called tables), and games of all sort,

Here is Professor Gert Pinkernell's introduction to the poet--in German

Probably the last poem the duke wrote--his valediction

And here is yet another web-bio, this one horribly old-fashioned and inaccurate

You can even download an entire (1842) edition of his French poetry

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St. Valentine's Day was invented in the late Middle Ages. In fact, the earliest known valentine, it is said, was sent by Charles d'Orleans. If you prefer another take on the day, try an earlier poet, like Geoffrey Chaucer, John Gower, or John Lydgate, who was certainly not the first to use the term "valentine" for his lady love, if he ever had one (since he was a monk). If you're not in the mood for any of these, try the bracing opinions of Christine de Pizan.

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